The Church "Gathering"





8:45 - Our Casual, "A,B,C,D" service.  (A.M., Bible, Coffee, Donuts) This is where you can bring your Bible and notebook and sit at a table with a cup of coffee and pastry and enjoy a time of practical Bible study accompanied with music that touches the heart.

9:45 - "Christian Life" class - Life Application is the theme of all lessons here. As we "treck" through books of the Bible, we discover how to integrate and to project our faith in the world in which we live. It is a discussion driven time of great fellowship and learning.

10:45 - Our Traditional Preaching Service - This is a time of heart warming and familiar hymns that have blessed millions of Christians for many years. But, most importantly, it is a time of clear, pointed, and practical Bible teaching and preaching that the Holy Spirit has used to touch hearts and to change lives. It is a time of evangelism, education, and encouragement that you will not want to miss.

6:00 - Interactive Bible Time - This is a Bible study where the floor is always open for questions DURING the study. There is no need to wait until the end of it is over (when we have usually forgotten what we wanted to ask!). We are always invited to ask while the "iron is hot!".

6:00 - "COMING SOON" "Above and Beyond" Teen time - This is a time when the teen who has made the "Commitment commitment" and has grown through the Sunday morning ministry, to learn to serve the Lord and to put that learning to practice in actual ministry situations. This will be everything from leading in a worship service or Bible study, mission day trips, to annual missions trips.

TUESDAY MORNING - 10:00 - "What now and What's Next?" - This is a very special Bible study time led by world renowned Bible teacher Marvin Rosenthal. Each study focuses on the daily integration of Bible prophecy and the world in which we live.


6:00 - 8:00 - Word of Life Teen and Children's Event - This is the cap-stone of our youth and children's ministry. Beginning at 6:00, the program begins as the "young-uns" gather in their places for a time of games, and practical Bible study that is specially formulated for the age and life experience. It is a program for children as  young as 3 years old, to young adults in their twenties. It is a Practical, Powerful and Personal!

7:00 - 8:00 - The "Hour of Power" - This is when the church gathers in the Chapel for a time of prayer and Devotional Bible study. It is the most intimate fellowship in the church ministry as we open our hearts with our prayer requests and commit to "bear the burdens together!" The devotion also seeks to deepen our relationship with the Lord by discovering His heart as He reaches out to man.

THE CHURCH "GOING" -  Reaching out!

"Women Helping Women" - This is a comprehensive ministry to women, led by women! They seek to meet the spiritual and physical needs of women in general, with a special needs toward women who are "single again," either through the death of their spouse, or through divorce. It is one of our most comprehensive ministries and is meeting the needs of MANY women in our area!

"THE FOOD PANTRY"- Our Ladie's Ministry hosts a weekly food pantry for those in need. Through the generosity and dedication of our ladies, we provide food, toiletries and spiritual guidance.

"RACERS FOR CHRIST GARAGE" - The origin of this ministry was the realization that God puts into the hands of each of His children something that they can use to reach the world around them. This will be a combination of gifts and abilities that formulate an interest that can be used to reach out. Several years ago, the Pastor (Dr. Paul) realized that his interest in racing and in building special interest automobiles could be  used to accomplish a two-fold goal. First to deepen Christian fellowship and unity, and then to reach out beyond the Christians community into the world of those who are not saved with the purpose of leading them to Christ. 

"GOSPEL AND GUNS SELF DEFENSE MINISTRY" -  It was with the same understanding that spawned the Racers for Christ Garage, that this ministry was born. With the intense interest this area has in firearms, and  understanding the great responsibility that firearm ownership brings, along with a need to understand the Biblical teaching on self-defense and firearm ownership, this ministry was begun late in 2016. It includes a monthly meeting where firearm and self-defense classes are held and monthly range time at a local outdoor range.

"HOW GREAT THOU ART" - A weekly fellowship devoted to Art and Christian conversation. Learn to paint, draw, sketch while learning and talking about our Christian faith.

"TEEN NIGHT" -  A special time, in a special place, for all teens to come together for games, food or just to hang out.  

"FIRST MISSION" - The Time Has Come. For revival to happen, we must follow God's direction and reach out to the unsaved souls.  This ministry will help you be a small part of the coming revival. Our church provides the training on how to approach this important ministry. 

"MAKE A JOYFUL NOISE" Music Ministry - Here, those with a talent and interest in music will discover how to blend their interest into a harmonious body of voices into one great sound. Whether vocal or instrumental, there are many opportunities to learn, grow and minister through this powerful medium.

"LEARNING TO LEAD" - This is the ministry of growing future leaders. For many who have an interest in service, knowing where to start is a great barrier. This is a continuing ministry of classes and service opportunities that include the training needed to succeed in local church ministry. After a time of learning and orientation, the ministry opportunities are manifold; teaching trustee ministry, group leading, deacon ministry and more!

THE CHURCH "GROWING" - Learning and Ministering Opportunities

"Coming Soon" - many other ministries as the Lord leads and enables!