First Baptist Church of Lady Lake
432 HWY 466, Lady Lake FL 32159        office: 352-753-4477
Choir Rehearsals
Sunday Evening 5:00pm - Chapel

Orchestra Rehearsals
9:00 am - Chapel

Praise Band
2:00  pm - FLC


Pulpit Ministry - Dr. Paul Harsh, Senior Pastor 

Of course, the foundation of every effective Bible believing church is the pulpit ministry, and this is the case here.  The difference, though, is the Bible-based message is made relevant to the needs of individuals, the community, our nation, and our culture.  The messages are not stuck in the first century, but spoken as though Christ and his disciples were here, today, speaking to us about our times and our culture.
Each Sunday morning and evening, and Wednesday night, Dr. Paul Harsh opens God's word, challenging our hearts and our minds so that the Lord may change us.  God indeed is blessing with practical, current, relevant, accurate, and compassionate preaching that touches the heart.

Sunday Morning Bible Study  
       One of the bedrock footings of any Bible believing church is its Bible teaching ministry.  The Lord has blessed First Baptist Church of Lady Lake with one of the most effective and exciting Bible teaching teams in the area.  Each Sunday morning almost a dozen different groups gather to study God's Word at the Church.  You are sure to find a class that suits your needs from the following classes available:
Gopher Buddies (ages 4-6)
 Challengers (Grades 1 - 2)
 Conquerors (Grades 3 - 4)
Champions (Grades 5 - 6)
Student Ministries (Grades 7-12)
Young adults
Ladies class
Foundations Class
Adult 1
Adult 2
                                                            Success in Marriage Class
Word of Life Olympians Ministry for Children  
     Our commitment here at First Baptist Church of Lady Lake is to keep the Word of God as our primary focus. 
This commitment starts in the Nursery (0-3 years).  Here they learn how to share, play with others, and many other basic principles of God's Word that can be taught and understood by a child this age.
The next level is the Gopher Buddies Class (4-6 years old).  This is the first class a child comes to after they graduate out of the Nursery.  Here they begin learning Bible stories and simple beginning concepts of God's Word that begins to give them the foundation of accepting Christ as their Savior.  This class includes a craft time, a song time, and a Bible time.
The next level is the  Challengers Class (grades 1-2). This Word of Life Program helps children to develop a healthy discipline of daily devotions, prayer, and scripture memory utilizing Coaches and the WOL Quiet Time Books.

The next level is the Conquerors Class (grades 3-4).  This program digs deeper into the fundamental areas of discipleship including daily devotions, Bible reading, verse memorization, Christian service, and outreach.

The next step is the Champions Class (grades 5-6).   Here the child continues with even more advanced curriculum to study God's Word and is challenged in all areas of the Christian Walk, from devotions, to Bible reading, to Christian service, to personal Holiness, to prayer, to verse memorization, and much more.

Word of Life Student Ministries for Teens 

      The foundation and basic structure that was laid in the previous levels continue to be built on in the teen Student Ministry class.  Here we take the Bible lessons that were learned and go a step or two deeper.  We will study a character in the Bible and not only focus on the facts of the story, but why the character did what he did.  Was it good or bad according to God's Word?  We will also look at different topics like music, creation vs. evolution, end time events, names of God, doctrines, Pilgrim's Progress, and a host of others.  Each lesson, no matter what the topic, always has a three-fold purpose.  The first is to give a clear Gospel presentation of salvation in Jesus Christ, secondly, encourage them to grow in their walk with God and reach others with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and thirdly, surrender their lives to whatever God has called them to do.

Ministry through Music              
      We believe in music, both vocal and instrumental which aim to glorify our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  There are abundant opportunities for your talent on loan from God to be used for His service here, whether a brass or woodwind instrument, string instrument, keyboard, or voice.
     Join our orchestra, our choir, share keyboard opportunities or perform special numbers to add the musical voice of the Holy Spirit to our ministries in our Traditional Service. 

     You can also bring your guitar, keyboard, or bass and join with our Early Service Praise Band in honoring the Lord through music.   If you are interested in joining either the orchestra or band, come by during rehearsal time or contact David. 
Physical Ministry

      The "Physical Ministry" deals with the operations of the church.  Opportunities abound in improving the appearance of the church grounds, assistance with a variety of technologies such as sound, lighting, computers, internet/web site management, finance and other practical physical necessities of the church. 

Racers for Christ Ministry 

  Have you ever wanted to learn more about building and restoring cars for the purposes of racing them on a real drag strip?   Join Senior Pastor Paul Harsh as the Racers for Christ Racing Team works on the newest Cuda project car.  This is a great outreach into the community and is downright exciting in the drivers seat!

Gospel and Guns Self Defense Club

The newest ministry of the First Baptist Church of Lady Lake meets the first Tuesday evening of each month at 7:00 p.m.  There is a requested donation of $5.00 per meeting to be used to cover costs of training materials (Videos, range needs, etc.).  However, this is a "request” not a requirement.

The purpose of these meetings is to provide support for gun enthusiasts, and information on firearm related topics, through the use of special speakers, and video training films.  Firearm ownership IS NOT a REQUIREMENT!

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