First Baptist Church of Lady Lake
432 HWY 466, Lady Lake FL 32159        office: 352-753-4477

Heritage Christian Academy

                           Heritage Christian Academy     
Heritage Christian Academy
A Christian education founded on Biblical principles, academic excellence, and fine arts. 
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Grades K-3 to 8th

Tuition: $4500.00 per school year or $360.00 per month.
Scholarships are available.

Small student to teacher ratio.

Before and after school care is available for children, providing a Christian environment for study and spiritual growth.
                               ACADEMIC CALENDAR

August 8 – Open House

August 18 – School Begins/ First Day of Classes

September 1 – Labor Day/ No School

October 17END OF FIRST NINE WEEKS          (44)

October 20 – Teacher Work Day/ No School 

October 21 – Classes Resume; Report Cards Issued

November 11 – Veteran’s Day/ No School 

November 24-28 – Thanksgiving Break/ No School

December 19- January 2 – Christmas Break/ No School

January 5
– Classes Resume

January 15END OF SECOND NINE WEEKS    (46)

January 16 – Teacher Work Day/No School

January 20 – Report Cards Issued

February 16 – President’s Day/ No School

March 26END OF THIRD NINE WEEKS         (48) 

March 27 Teacher Work Day/ No School

March 30 – April 3 – Spring Break            EASTER is 4/5                                                 

April 6 – Classes Resume; Report Cards Issued                                                                                 

April 13-17 – Stanford Achievement Tests

 May 25 – Memorial Day/ No School

 June 3 – Last Day of School/ Early Dismissal 1pm  (42)

This schedule provides the 180 days needed for the academic year and is subject to change. 

                                 GOV 101 Overview of extracurricilur Program for High School Students

GOV 101 

Mission Statement: 

                To enable the individual to become involved in the government of the United States of America through:

         Instruction on the origin of the American governmental system;
Introduction into the workings of local government;
Involvement in the  local government.
And to build a strong character that is consistent
with the best examples of the American tradition.

Admission Requirements: 

All candidates must be in the ninth grade or above, enrolled in a school local to the Lady Lake area.  During the Internship period, they must maintain a level of commitment and behavior that is consistent with the goals of the Mission Statement.  The directors of the Internship program will be the sole and final determiners of admission and continuation in the Internship program.



  1. There will be formal instruction into the history of government in America.
  2. There will be formal instruction into the historical statements of government in America.
  3. There will be an introduction into the form of government in America, including the structure and founding philosophy of its government.
  4. There will be an introduction into the documents that founded the American government.
  5. There will be formal instruction describing the forms of local government, including the differences and similarities between the Federal, State, and local governments. 


Upon completion of the “instructional” portion of the program, the individual will begin an introduction into the operation of local government utilizing the structure of the Lady Lake government as a model.  The goal of this module is to become thoroughly acquainted with the basic structure and operation local government. This introduction will include: 

1.  Scheduled interviews with the department heads to learn: 

Why the position is needed;

            The qualification and demands of the position;

            Greatest challenges of the position;

            How the position integrates into the overall structure;

            How the position benefits the community 

2.  Scheduled interviews with the Committee chairman of the official committees of the Town to learn: 

            Why the committee is needed;

            How the committee benefits the community;

            What are the specific duties of that committee;

            What is the mission of that committee. 

3.  Scheduled interviews with the following: (Specific suggested questions to follow) 

            Town Manager

            Police Chief

            Fire Chief

            Town Council

            City Attorney           

4.  At the same time, where appropriate, the individual will attend the various committee meetings to experience the actual workings of that committee and its interaction into the lives of the people they impact.  This will include Town Council meetings.  After each meeting, the individual will take time to ask questions concerning the meeting. 

5.  Finally, the individual will compose a paper containing a summary of his experience in this module. 


Upon successful completion of the above, the individual will complete GOV 101 by becoming an active member of an official committee in the local government of Lady Lake for at least one-half of a normal term or six months; which ever is shortest.

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